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Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

by Hemant Sharma on August 05, 2021

"Some hacks that every woman should know" is the phrase that you must have heard or read in every blog on life hacks. This blog is also about those hacks only, but the only difference is that they are tried and tested personally by someone from our team.

We will tell you about some hacks that we have been using and are very helpful and facile.

Here is the list of hacks that every woman should know

Jeans Too Loose?

Oh my gosh, what am I going to do? These jeans are so loose, and I don't have a belt. Everyone has been in this situation once in their life, and it's so irritating. What if I tell you there has been an easy solution for this all along. Put your jeans button in the closest belt loop. It will clench your jeans. Then button and zip your jeans like you normally do. Tada! You have great-fitting jeans in seconds.

Tight loose jeans hack for girls

Skin Visibility from The Button Gap?

Skin visible between the buttons of your shirt? For a clear perfect line, use a double tape at the gap formed at the breast part. Stick a small piece of tape on the line from where the skin is flashing, and you are good to go.

Skin visibility from the button gap

Jeans Too Tight?

Gain some holiday weight, and your Jeans are getting tight from the waist. No need to buy new ones for a few months. Use a hair tie or an elastic band, whichever is at your disposal. Put the elastic around the button and guide it through the buttonhole. After that, secure the other end around the button as well. One thing to note about this hack is that this is not beneficial for crop tops.

Jeans Too Tight

Bra Straps Visibility?

Prevent your bra straps from standing out in sleeveless tops with the help of a paper clip. Use a paperclip to hold the straps together. Use this hack only if you are not comfortable, not because of this patriarchal society.

Bra straps visibility

Hair Too Oily?

Last-minute plans and too lazy to wash the hair? This hack is going to save your day. It's a great substitute for dry shampoo. Oily hair before a party is a common problem among girls. We have got an easy and hands-on hack for this problem. Sprinkle some talcum powder on your scalp, and then rub your fingers on your scalp. Lastly, brush your hair for an oil-free look.

oil hair hack

Wear Earrings without Piercings

Wear earrings without piercings. Yes, you read right. You can wear earrings without piercings with the help of a thread. All you have to do is pull the thread through the hook of the earrings and make a loop, then wear that loop around your ears.

Wear earrings without piercings

Stuck Nail Paint Cap?

The cap of your fav nail polish got stuck? Open a stuck nail polish cap with the help of a rubber band. Wrap a rubber band around the cap of the nail paint to form a grip, and now all you have to do is use a bit of your strength to open the cap.

stuck nail paint cap hack

Wear Jeans Neatly with Boots

Having trouble tucking your jeans neatly using this simple hack? All you have to do is fold your jeans and wear socks over them. Now you can wear your boots without any fuss for a clean and chic look.

Wear jeans neatly with boots

Tame Your Belt

Tame your belt with the help of double-sided tape. Paste a double-sided tape at the end of the belt and stick it.

Tame your belt