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Trending Nail Art Designs in 2021

by Hemant Sharma on July 16, 2021

Nail Art Designs Ideas in 2021

Get ready for a manicure because after seeing the designs trending this year, you won't be able to resist these beautiful nail arts. There are so many chic designs, from Ombre to white nails. Screenshot them for your future use because there are so many that you can't get enough of it.

Neon Color Nail Paints


Seeing Selena Gomez's nail paint has made us go fanatic over slimy nail paints. Slimy pinks and greens are perfect options for an oh so sexy look!

French Tips

French tips nail art

French tips are back again. Yay! Elevate your look with some artistic twist in it. You can add stones or get some cute decals on the tips.

White Nail Paint

White Nail Paint Nail Art

Glam up your nails with white nail paints. Many actresses have been seen wearing this beautiful color. White color nails give your hands a defined look.

Pretty Ombre Nail Paints

Pretty Ombre Nail Paints

Ombre is the new black in nail colors this year. A good Ombre nail paint can make your nails look so dreamy. Kylie Jenner's pink Ombre is making us gush over her nails.

Fruit Nail Art

Fruit Nail Art Addory

Who loves Fruits? Everyone. Everybody has a fav fruit that they can't get enough of, then why not get them painted on your nails. James Charles strawberry nail art is stealing our heart away.

A Touch of Nature Nail Paint

A Touch of Nature Nail Paint

Flowers are for a lifetime. Cutesy floral nail art is always a great choice. Get in touch with nature with these beautiful nail arts. Do not think anymore and just get it done.

Colorful Nails

colorful nails Addory

Colored tips give your nails a playful look. Give a contemporary look by playing with different colors altogether. Kylie Jenner's rainbow nail art is a good inspiration for colorful tips.

Nude Colors

nude colors art

Nail art on nude color nail paint looks superb. You can go for some modern artwork like faces, eyes, or scribbles. It will give your fingers a magnificent look.

Tie-Dye Nail Art

Tie-Dye Nail Art

Tie-dye nail art gives your nails a glam look. The best part about this is that you can do this at home too. You have to apply white base nail paint and let it dry. Then put another coat of white nail paint and put random dots of another color while the white nail paint is still wet and use a plastic bag to smush down the nail paint. Apply transparent nail paint for a smooth glossy look. Ta-da! You are done.