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Trending Colors For Indian Formal Wear

by Hemant Sharma on December 06, 2021

Formal wears are the attire in which you need to be the most comfortable and look sassy at the same time, and what's better than Indian wear to slay an office wear look. Straight kurtas and A-line kurtas are a jam for Indian formal wear. Most women like wearing solid colors when it comes to workwear because the solid colors give you a sense of confidence and elegance. When we talk about solid colors, the most important question that pops up in everybody's mind is; what colors are suitable for formal wear?

In this blog, we will tell you about trending solid formal kurtas.


White -

Whenever we talk about formals, white is the first color to come up, whether it is formal western wear or Indian formal wear. White is the safest color you could go for, pair your white kurta with white pants for a good formal look, and for a semi-formal look, pair it up with blue pieces of denim.

Black -

Black is love. I don't think I need to say anything more about black. Most people like me are obsessed with black, and it's totally justified. Black kurtas give you an elegant formal look.

Black Front Slit Straight Kurta
Black Straight Kurta

Beige -

Beige is one color that remains among the top color for formal wear. Beige kurtis give you a soothing look which is perfect for an office environment.

Mustard -

I know I know it is a bright color but who said that formal wear has to be always dull and sober. Spice up your workwear wardrobe with mustard kurta and grab the attention you deserve.

Blue -

Blue kurtas are also a go-to Indian formal wear. They give you a calm and sincere look which is always appreciated in offices. Pair blue kurta with blue or white bottoms for a graceful look.

Navy Blue Straight Kurta

Grey -

Grey is the primary color of formals and going to remain the same forever. If you are in doubt about what to wear to the office, the answer is always a grey kurta.

Grey A-line Kurta With Slit

Pink -

Pink is said to be a color for girls, and there is no shame in admitting that we like pink color. It makes everything so cute. Wear a pink kurta for a joyful day in an office and be personable.

Magenta A-Line Kurta With Slit
pink straight kurta

Green -

Green might sound like a controversial color to wear to the office, but if the right shade of green is chosen, it could be the perfect color for a day at work. Light greens and shades towards bottle green or olive color are the ultimate picks for work.

Olive A-Line Kurta With Slit
Parrot Green A-Line Kurta With Slit

I hope you will not have to think twice about what color kurta you should wear to work. Just pick any of these colors in straight kurta or A-line kurta for an elegant and comfortable day at work. If you are looking for a place to shop for Indian formal wear, I think you should check out Addory. They have got some fantastic collections.