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Top 2021 Fashion Trends

by Hemant Sharma on March 31, 2021

Top 2021 Fashion Trends

Top 2021 Fashion Trends for Women

After a long year that we spent in our pajamas or loungewear in our house, we are all excited to get dressed and get out of our homes. Here we are going to tell you about some trends that you are going to see everywhere around you.


Everybody is familiar with the magic of white and black color. These are the two colors that you will find in everybody’s wardrobe and in some cases only these colors. This year add white and black color-blocked dresses to your closet as they will be trending in 2021.

color blockingcolor blocking

Earthy Colors

This year's trend is going to accentuate shades of brown. Earthy colors are one that is always out there, but this year you could get to see them more. I guess this is the trend everybody is gonna indulge in because who doesn’t like soothing colors.

Top 2021 Fashion Trends Women

Pastel Color

Pastel colors are spring favorite. These soft sorbet hues never go out of a designer's mind when it comes to the spring collection. Like every other year, this year also, pastels are gonna secure their spot in the spring collection.

Wrap-around Straps

Wrap-around straps are one of the trends that will be back after years. The best part about these outfits is you can wrap the straps in different ways and can create multiple looks from a single dress. These straps will add a sexy look to your tops and dresses. Pair the tops with wide-leg trousers.

Wide-Leg Trousers

This year's trend continues to acknowledge the high-waist wide-leg trousers, culottes, and loose-fit denim. You can pair them with crop tops or bralettes for a sexy and chic look. You want to go for a breezy look, match it up with a shirt.


This year too much bling is not a thing. Get all glittery or blingy you want as 2021 welcomes sequence to the fashion world again. You could get to see sequin tops, dresses, and skirts trending everywhere.

Black Sequin Dress

White Shirt with Sequin Pocket

Puff Sleeves

Puffy sleeves are sticking around this season also. These voluminous sleeves are back with many different detailings, which adds a pinch of excitement to the outfit. Pair the tops with a mini skirt for a chic look, or wear them with trousers for a full-day look. Adorn a midi-dress for a laid-back look.

Mustard Pintuck Crop Top

Puff Sleeves Top

Puff Sleeves Top


A trend people thought was not for everyone, but it will prove otherwise this year. Sheer tops and dress are back with a unique style which has something for everyone. You will get to see semi-sheer dresses, sheer tops, tops with sheer sleeves, and much more.

Lantern Sleeve Organza Top

Sheer Tops

Floral Organza Overlap Top