Best Ethnic Wear for Women for Republic Day 2021

Best Ethnic Wear for Women for Republic Day 2021

Best Ethnic Wear for Women for Republic Day 2021

Best ethnic wear for women on the special occasion of Republic day. Which is a national event celebrated in Corporate Sectors, IT Sectors, Schools, Government Offices, and Offices every corner and region of India. People wear special dresses and decorate offices with the best three colors of India.

Celebrate the 72nd Republic Day of India on 26 January 2021. This day is remarkable because the constitution came into effect on 26 January 1950, which asserted India’s existence as an independent republic. Commemorate this Republic day with exclusive fashion trends that resonate with the essence of this country.

You are women want to look exceptional on this particular occasion, then here are the best ethnic wear for women:

Tri-Color Dresses For Women

The Indian flag is one of the most beautiful flags with some powerful colors. Saffron color symbolizing the strength and courage of the country. The white color indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra. The green color shows the fertility, growth, and auspiciousness of the land.

This Republic Day, add these colors to your attire and show the love for your country. You can go monochromatic. Turn the heads around by pairing up a blue color kurta or green color kurta with white color bottoms or vice-versa. Make a statement with saffron color Kurta or saree and some accessories. Slay the look with a dupatta having all these colors.

Traditional Indian Fabrics for Working Women

As everyone knows, India is a culturally diverse country. All these cultures residing together is what makes India so incredible. Every state has its own attire, handloom techniques, and fabrics that represent the essence of that state. Embody the culture of India this Republic Day through your outfit. Create the look with materials that are easily accessible in the market everywhere like chikankari, Ikat, Silk, Chanderi, Phulkari, Kalamkari.

Go for straight suits or Anarkali suits in Chikankari, try A-line kurta or straight kurta in Ikat, pick a saree or straight suit in Silk, try Phulkari dupatta with plain salwar suits, go for a saree or Anarkali suit in Kalamkari. These dresses not just only symbolizes the culture of India but also manifest your inner goddess.

women anarkali suit

Made in India Khadi Dresses

An utmost known fabric that is unique and hand spun in India. It's popular in the country because of its significance in the freedom movement. Khadi fabric is popularly used to create ethnic garments. For women, it's predominantly used in making salwar kameez and sarees. Many people think that Khadi only comes in a solid color to their surprise, it also comes in prints. The best part about khadi is that it keeps the wearer warm in winters and cool in summers. Adorn yourself in a khadi long Kurti or short Kurti as per your preference. You can also pull off a khadi saree with some accessories and look most elegant. You can also add Khadi scarves to any of your attire. This Republic Day, go all Indian Khadi look in your workplaces and show off your desi avatar in patriotic style.

women khadi dress sareewomen khadi suit

Best Indian Ethnic Wear for Women Saree

The most common and stylish garment for an Indian woman is a saree. It is a garment that holds emotional and sentimental values for a woman. Mostly all the cultures and traditions in our country subsume saree in women traditional wear maybe the draping style and the way a lady carries her saree differs from culture to culture. But the elegance of a saree is timeless. This Republic day, style yourself in a saree. You can go for silk, organza, cotton, or satin saree and drape it the way you like. Experience the culture and confidence of Indian women.

best ethnic wear for women for republic dayrepublic day special dress for women

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